01 de Octubre de 2017
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Effect of potassiun and etephon on color, anthocianins and bunch quality of cv Red Globe (Vitis vinifera L.)

Red cultivar, as Red Globe, coverage color of the berries is one of the most important quality variable. In the province of San Juan, Argentina, environmental conditions development high concentration of soluble solids and low level of tartaric acid. However, these conditions prevent a good color development of the berries. Therefore, synthetic growth regulators like ethephon are employed. Currently the consuming countries of table grapes are demanding the waste reduction of ethylene, which may constitute a barrier-tariff in the future. This context motivated the development of field trials, in order to evaluate the effect of potassium on color and anthocyanins in berries and bunch quality of cv Red Globe. The trials were carried out during two seasons. During season 2013-2014 the treatments were: control (TA), 700 cc of Ethephon 48% (TB), 700 cc of Ethephon48% plus 3 kg Color T (TC), 3 Kg color T (TD), 6 Kg color T (TE). During season 2014-2015 the treatments were: control (TA), 500 cc of Ethephon 48% (TB), 700 cc of Ethephon48% (TC), 500 cc of Ethephon 48% plus 3 Kg color T (TD), 500 cc of Ethephon 48% plus 3,6 Kg Raisan K (TE),6 Kg color T (TF), 7,2 Kg Raisan K(TG). During both seasons the treatments were made on clusters with 50% of veraison.TD and TE, season 2013-2014,TF and TG, 2014-2015, the half of doses were applied at the mentioned time and a second application a week after the first. The color T product employed consists of 46% N, 30% K, 1.5% Mg and Raisan K: 24 % K and 2,5% chitosan. The results showed that both seasons obtained the highest value of anthocyanin concentration and color of berries in the treatments with ethephon plus potassium. In the season 2014-2015, all the treatments achieved greater bunch weight than the control and TB. The treatments with potassium and ethephon plus potassium had the highest values of equatorial diameters of berries. Furthermore, all the treatments achieved bigger concentration of soluble solids than the control. Enlace. http://www.8itgs2017.it/overview/papers-and-presentations

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Personas involucradas extra INTA
Yanina GUZMAN (Unidad Integrada UNSJ-INTA), Claudio DOÑA (Argentilemon S. A.), Federico KERMAN (Unidad Integrada UNSJ-INTA), Leonardo STORNIOLO (Unidad Integrada UNSJ-INTA), Matías FEMENIA
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    • Argentina
    • San Juan
    • Pocito
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