13 de Julio de 2018

MS INTA 416: A new Argentinean wheat cultivar carrying Fhb1 and Lr47 resistance genes

MS INTA 416: nuevo cultivar de trigo argentino con genes de resistencia Fhb1 y Lr47

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MS INTA 416 is a hard red winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), developed and released by the INTA EEA Marcos Juárez, in 2016. MS INTA 416, previously designated JN12009, was selected for its high yield potential and good bread-making quality, aside from moderate resistance to Fusarium head blight and high resistance to leaf rust, conferred mainly by the resistance genes Fhb1 and Lr47 introgressed by artificial crosses and selected by marker-assisted selection (MAS). MS INTA 416 is adapted to rainfed and irrigated production areas in the sub-humid and humid plains of the provinces Córdoba, Santa Fé, Buenos Aires, and La Pampa, Argentina.


Áreas geográficas alcanzadas
    • Argentina
    • Córdoba
    • Marcos Juárez