01 de Diciembre de 2011
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Soil nitrogen fluxes to the roots and their relation with sward nitrogen nutrition

Grasslands of the Humid Pampas of Argentina are exposed to regular droughts. In addition to direct effects, the growth-limiting effect of water deficits can be to some extent based on the decrease of soil mineral nitrogen (N) availability to the root system. Nutrients ions in soil can reach the root surface by root interception, convective flow and diffusive flow of ions in the soil solution. The percentage of N requirements supplied by root interception is usually 1% or less, as it is directly related with the volume of soil occupied by roots. The objective of the study was to evaluate the effect of soil water availability on soil N fluxes and their outcome on the N nutrition status of the sward.

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Monica Graciela AGNUSDEI

Marino M. A.
Durand J. L.


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    • Argentina