01 de Diciembre de 2011
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Corn seeding characteristics in the EEA Pergamino influence area, Bs. As., Argentina

In agricultural production, the crop seeding is a task of paramount importance since it has a direct impact on the stand of plants to harvest and determines largely the performance that they will have throughout the ccycle. To exploit the full potential offered by inputs technology is necessary to know the scope and the actual conditions in which this task is performed. The objective of this study is to obtain information enabling a reliable characterization of the conditions of seeding and the efficiency achieved. For that purpose there was conducted a survey, collecting information on equipment, supplies, operating conditions and regulations made. Subsequently a field sampling was carried out, to characterize specific parameters of seeding. This paper presents the results of the study in 24 establishments located in the northern Buenos Aires province, at the localities of Pergamino and Rojas (Argentina). From them arise that some of the characteristics of the planters, such as age and system of fertilization, as well as working velocity, determines the results of the seeding influencing the quality of implantation obtained.

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Áreas geográficas alcanzadas
    • Argentina
    • Provincia De Buenos Aires
    • Pergamino